Cute party dresses in my new wishlist


Cute party dresses in my new wishlist

There is also a good time to spend the holiday days at home without doing anything extraordinary. Bea games, dyeing hair, homemade cakes and ... a new wishlist for cute party dresses. I have a lot of party dresses in my wardrobe, but for me I'm never enough. On my favorite online shopping site there is always some tempting news: it is impossible to resist the temptations of StyleWe.

StyleWe are our old acquaintance, it's been so long since I'm talking about it: it's a shop full of original ideas, new models, high quality assurance and detail care. Fashion designers, coming from all over the world, have always new ideas to propose to make each woman the queen of the party.

What are the cute party dresses that you prefer? Do you prefer long dresses or short dresses for your party? Much depends also on your stature: if you are tall a long dress will be enchanting; If you are low it would be better to bet on shorts.

Necklines, spacers and transparencies are the fashion of the summer of 2017. So let's find our most beautiful point and put them in style, but not exaggerate. Exaggeration is never good: transparencies and necklines are definitely sexy, but exaggerating could make them vulgar.

If the next day you have to go back to work, but you want to continue to show your style, personal, gritty and determined, you can wear a formal jumpsuits instead of the usual tailleurs. Do not give up high heels, but you choose them very high for your party, middle for your job.


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