Ti piace cambiare look? Fashion hairstyle 2017


Do you like change your look?

Fashion hairstyle 2017

What do you say, you like change look to your hair? Do you love to follow the latest trends in terms of cuts and colors? Certain that, to radically change the image's head, it takes a lot of courage! And, I know, all do not we have it. Maybe we're willing to climb a rocky mountain, maybe we throw by parachute without flinching ... but the hair, no, do not touch those! But trends change and fashion hairstyle 2017 we witness.

taylor-swift-vs-kristen-stewart-blonde-platinum-fashion-hair-style-2017 The platinum blonde can be defined as the protagonist of the fashion trends hairstyle 2017 season. The proof comes to us from the red carpet on which parade celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift that the platinum blonde will make spokesmen. It is a very light blond and almost ice age, it seems obvious, you do not get from day to day and, indeed, requires a very complex process where the starting color is dark. it is preferable to match the platinum blond to haircuts "midi" or "pixie". Next to platinum blonde, the other colors of the fashion hair style 2017 is the brown (a timeless evergreen), chocolaute mauve, red. For "crazy heads" there are shades of rose gold and pink quartz.

The fashion hairstyle 2017 sees then undisputed protagonist fringe to combine with short and medium scaled yoke. If you love long hair, it resists in pole position the braid. Alas, quite a mess! I love to have a stylish look, but what about cut and color? Switch to platinum blonde and short cuts as required by the fashion hair style 2017 is not just stuff. And if I tried a wig? Well, it would be a different story and, without the final cut of scissors, I could go back to my original hair at any time. This is why I found the online shop specializing Dream Wheat Hair. Wigs, hair extensions, clip-in and much more to change your look with a few moves and be at every event always the most admired. Follow this link to choose your hair style in 2017! My preferences, however, are all for natural black!



Eleonora Musumeci

3 thoughts on “Ti piace cambiare look? Fashion hairstyle 2017”

  1. Avatar

    Marina Napolitano - 2 Dicembre 2016 12:25

    Certo che mi piace e in questo modo è facile e neanche tanto costoso

  2. Avatar

    elena g - 2 Dicembre 2016 17:04

    Wow soluzioni davvero semplici per cambiare look! Sto pensando al biondo platino!

  3. Avatar

    elena b - 2 Dicembre 2016 21:44

    un ottimo sito dove poter davvero rivoluzionare il proprio look, spendendo anche poco!


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