FashionMia for cool men and women


FashionMia for cool men and women

It's time for the change of season and I also arranged my husband's wardrobe. While I did, I reflected that I wrote so many articles to report low-cost women's clothing, but not one dedicated to men's clothing. It is true that we women need more clothing because we need it and why we like it, but men must dress too!

With the crisis, the need to spare also feels about the male wardrobe. Well, browsing online I noticed the beautiful category dedicated to the man on the FashionMia shop. So I called my husband and asked him to choose the clothes he would like to have in the wardrobe and choose from the men outerwear category. At great demand, here is the selection of my husband Fausto!

Cool FashionMia men outerwear 

Elegant FashionMia men outerwear

Casual FashionMia men outerwear

What do you think? Did he choose good wear?

The other category I have neglected is plus size bodycon dresses. I also like that even some of the more in the catwalk models can choose good taste, sexy and affordable clothes as well. With an eye on the Pantone colors for the 2017-18 season, I have selected these dresses for sure impact.


Pantone 2017-18 Shaded Spruce color


Pantone 2017-18 Marina color


Eleonora Musumeci

2 thoughts on “FashionMia for cool men and women”

  1. Avatar

    katia - 25 Ottobre 2017 3:56

    sono tutti bellissimi questi capi, soprattutto quelli da uomo li trovo davvero super chic e molto eleganti.

  2. Avatar

    Mina - 25 Ottobre 2017 12:27

    Uno più bello dell’altro, in modo particolare quelli da uomo. Hai buon gusto


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