Lipsticks autumn winter 2019 2020


Lipsticks autumn winter 2019 2020

Lipsticks are my passion. I collect them without getting tired of them. I don't wear them every day because sometimes I don't have time to spread it out properly without drooling, but when I do it's a real pleasure. Lighter and brighter in summer, in contrast to my tan. In the cold months, instead, the shades of color become more intense and decisive. Let's see together what are the colors of the lipsticks autumn winter 2019 2020 of trend to update our beauty case.

Since last spring's fashion shows we have seen the make-up trends of autumn winter 2019-2020: the main rule seems to be "no middle ground".

The lips of autumn winter 2020 are the protagonists, or pass completely into the background to make way for a much more evident eye makeup. Not surprisingly, after years of oblivion the transparent gloss (but also glitter) has returned, while the matte lipsticks resist in full and flashy shades. Let's go then to see the main lipstick trends for autumn winter 2019 2020, between new and evergreen.

Red and nude lipstick.

He is loved as always and more than ever, the red lipstick, the absolute protagonist with all its nuances, from brick to wine. In stark contrast, the other dominant color, nude, with natural colors from pink to beige loved by all lips make-up lovers.

Finish matt

Even the trendy Winter 2019 2020 lipsticks will have a matt finish, loved in every version, ultra light for a tattoo effect or sensual and velvety. The latest trend in lip make-up is the desire for comfort, evident also in the textures, melting and creamy, ideal for dressing the lips in the cold season as the softest of cashmere.

The return of transparent gloss.

As we anticipated, the transparent gloss is back on the catwalks and in our beauty, forgotten since the far 2000s. A great return easy to carry and ideal for every day. To make them suitable for evenings out a myriad of super shiny glitter.

New lipsticks for all.

After this brief overview of the new trends in autumn winter 2019 2020 lipsticks, I'd say it's time to take concrete action: shopping. Let's recap: the screaming colors are red in all shades and nude lipstick, the finish must be matt and the texture creamy, unless you choose very shiny or glittery lip gloss. Well, it seems to me that there are many lipsticks to buy, but don't worry: to get them all without going broke, just buy them at a wholesale makeup shop, like, the makeup shop of big brands at small prices. Here are some lipsticks I've selected for you.

mac retro mate lipstick
Dior Rouge Kiss & Love Code Couture
Givenchy Le Rouge mat

Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Set Trophy Wife & Shameless

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro: Front Row Collection


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