Polka dot dress, fashion evergreen


The fashion of the polka dot dress was born in the 1930s, although the trend had its origins in the late 1800's. And in the Fifties, it explodes on the curved pin trellises of the pin ups. There are many style icons to show off over time, making it a cult pattern: Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. And for the Spring Summer 2017 the polka dots was mixed with rows and paintings, and to the classic black off white over black, rainbow colors was preferred.  And the trend will continue even next winter fall 2107.

Polka dot dress, fashion evergreen

Two ways to bring the polka dot dress: fatal femme micro, macro for a skewed graphic effect. Three predominant colors: white on black, black on white and red. The inspiration comes from flamenco for Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli who follow the Spanish tradition with balsa and shoulders uncovered. The "bourgeois" style of the 80's with chiffon chemise by John Galliano and Olivier Theyskens, the designer who also printed lace-up boots for a true Parisian achievement. If for us ordinary mortals high fashion brands are inaccessible, but our love for polka dot dress is sincere, we can turn our attention to DressLily's proposals, definitely cheaper but stylish and of great effect. The offs are their beautiful figure on pin-up cutties from the 50's, but are also exceptional in mix and match with grain size blossoms. A particular dimension of the van is in gown dresses that resemble the sensual dress with which the Sicilian style of the 50s and 60s is depicted. The most recent trend sees unite away and fly with a hint of Spanish style ready to improvise his flamenco. Or a nice tango. Why not? Choose your polka dot dress on DressLily: there are many models for every physicality and prices allow you to fill the wardrobe with so many out!  

Eleonora Musumeci

5 thoughts on “Polka dot dress, fashion evergreen”

  1. Avatar

    Marina Napolitano - 6 Settembre 2017 19:33

    I vestiti con pois mi hanno sempre colpita e li amo praticamente da sempre. Adoro la selezione che hai fatto

  2. Avatar

    Rosaria - 7 Settembre 2017 5:42

    Sono davvero carinissimi uno piu bello dell’ altro anche a me piacciono molto i vestitini con pois

  3. Avatar

    enza - 7 Settembre 2017 12:12

    io amo gli abiti retro’ poi a pois è un mast devo visitare questo sito perche l’abito rosso ed il blu mi piacciono molto

  4. Avatar

    maria boiano - 7 Settembre 2017 14:45

    questi vestiti sono davvero favolosi, adoro i pois e voglio proprio prenderne uno..

  5. Avatar

    Sofia - 14 Settembre 2017 10:43

    bellissimi!questi vestiti sembrano immortali.


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