Sebellamore: shopping for summer 2019



Sebellamore: shopping for summer.

The wait for the beautiful warm Italian season is becoming quite long this year. Usually, at the end of May, the sun shines very hot and the wardrobe change of season is complete. I have to be patient and meanwhile I can fool time by planning a new wardrobe on Sebellamore.

Sebellamore is an online shop dedicated to trendy clothing and accessories at unbeatable prices. Alongside a wide selection of dresses, blazers, tops, trousers, shoes and bags, the Sebellamore online shop offers another unbeatable advantage: discounts. The prices, thanks to sales and discount codes, are lowered and allow fashion lovers like me to fill the trolley with fashionable clothes without spending too much money.

So where should we start our shopping? I would say starting from clothes. Among the must-have models of this Estate there is again sexy prom dress. With flowers or knit, in poplin or silk, soft or close-fitting, light and fresh. They are a woman's best friends because they can make us feel beautiful every day, on every occasion, with or without heels. On the other hand they are perfect for protecting us from the sun on hot summer days, elegant for ceremonies, for weddings, for sexy dates. I used them a lot during my pregnancy and I still love them now.

New tops to renew the look

Finally, , after choosing my favorite sexy maxi dress (it is the last, with animal print), we move to a new category of Sebellamore to refuel women's fashion tops. A nice top is what it takes to change your look while wearing classic jeans or a banal shorts that you can't separate from. Here are my favorite tops.

Colors also have their importance. I preferred light colors. Antique pink, for example, is an extremely romantic color, but also very trendy. White is always current and is the best anti-hot color. Careful, however, to wash: separated white and colored. Yes to bleach, but only delicate. The last top is really beautiful. I like green, but many colors are available.

Finally, a clarification regarding the sizes. Sebellamore offers all sizes, from S to 4XL. Although some items are one size, most have sizes for all of us!

Turn Down Collar Loose Fitting Plain Blouses
women V-Neck Bowknot Plain Three-Quarter Sleeve Blouses

Eleonora Musumeci

11 thoughts on “Sebellamore: shopping for summer 2019”

  1. Avatar

    TendenzeMakeUp - 2 Giugno 2019 20:03

    L’ultima blusa in verde è proprio quello che cercavo per una occasione che avrò il prossimo mese. Grazie per la dritta

  2. Avatar

    Gloria - 3 Giugno 2019 18:52

    Ho un matrimonio il 15 settembre e ora cerco già i primi due vestiti mi piacciono tantissimo!!

  3. Avatar

    amalia Occhiati - 3 Giugno 2019 19:02

    Quante belle cosette, mi piace molto la camicetta rosa ma anche quella verde è davvero graziosa. Grazie per le info

  4. Avatar

    Michela - 3 Giugno 2019 21:38

    L’abito lungo maculato lo trovo stupendo da usare con un tacco a spillo e un biker per una serata e con una sneaker per outfit sport chic ti ringrazio per la dritta di questo sito

  5. Avatar

    mary pacileo - 3 Giugno 2019 21:55

    molto bello questo shop online, quante cose belle, adoro i vestito lungo prugna

  6. Avatar

    federica manoni - 3 Giugno 2019 22:42

    la camicia bianca mi sa sempre di elegante con qualsiasi cosa la indossi!

  7. Avatar

    Sofia - 4 Giugno 2019 14:32

    che belli questi vestiti, meno male che fa caldo 😉

  8. Avatar

    Faccio come Mi Pare - 4 Giugno 2019 20:04

    Bellissimi, poi finalmente e’ arrivato il caldo anche qui! 🙂 Giusto in tempo!

  9. Avatar

    Laura Ambrosi - 6 Giugno 2019 16:14

    Sono tutte bellissime proposte, io mi sono innamorata della maglia verde, quella con la scollatura sulla schiena!

  10. Avatar

    Anna - 6 Giugno 2019 16:34

    mi hanno colpito tantissimo i sandali con le margherite e il vestato con la stampa animalier

  11. Avatar

    Lucía - 12 Giugno 2019 18:11

    Great choices! In love with the dresses!


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