Summer make up: the 2019 eye shadows



Summer make up: the 2019 eye shadows

Warm temperatures can also be felt in the beauty case. The reassuring winter foundation is replaced by new, fresh cosmetics, the colors change, and the desire for lightness, colored eyeshadows and contrasts come on.
The golden skin immediately gives a healthy and seductive air to all. A sophisticated summer make-up must leave the skin protagonist, naturally radiant and perfect, without ever covering it with constructed and layered bases.

Each season obviously has its trends to follow and as far as 2019 eye shadow trends are concerned, you are spoiled for choice on what to wear on your eyes.
So what are the moods and inspirations from which to take inspiration? Here are some suggestions to avoid making eye make-up and choose products eye shadows that make us the queens of summer.

2019 Summer Makeup: cool tips for eye shadows.

1. The Living Coral - For Pantone the living coral, nuance of coral, is the color of the year and especially of the summer. Let's use it for a Caribbean eye make-up, fresh, young and perfect for the day look.

2. Gold - In summer gold shades are beautiful on their own, but they also look good with other colors. When you use the gold-colored eye shadows alone, blend it over the entire mobile eyelid or just along the upper rim of the eye, instead of the eyeliner. Paired with another color, on the other hand, it works well as a light point in the inner corner of the eyes.

3. The satin finish - Whatever color we like, for the summer 2019 we decline it in a satin finish, which makes the look brighter and more refined eye makeup. This finish is perfect for the evening, especially if we use dark shades.

4. Turquoise - Day makeup that is inspired by the sky and the sea in summer, turquoise eye shadows are a must for all the summers. Just be careful not to make the eyelid too heavy

5. Matt and metallic bronze - Bronze is a perfect color in any season, but for the summer 2019 it is the true star of our makeup palette. Beautiful in a matte day version, but also metal for the evening.

Where to buy eye shadow palettes

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