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In the summer 2017, we continue hunting for the summer trends for dresses for women. Colors, prints, flyers are the absolute protagonists of this season. What are the trends for dresses for women we will see shortly, but I remember that all women possess different physicalities and what can be good to one can be horrible on another. To choose the right outfit, therefore, it is not enough to choose the most fashionable color because it could make your color dull or accentuate your physical defects. Always choose what's good for you, if it's fashionable it's even better.

Specifically, let's look at some dresses for women trends for the summer of 2017. The dresses for women that follow you can find it on FashionMia, a worldwide women's online shop that ships all over the world, providing assistance and quality to its customers.

Trendy dresses for women Summer 2017


Yellow is undoubtedly the color of summer 2017: it is worn from head to toe, perfect on accessories. Ideal for brunette women or with olive skin.


White is the evergreen tint of summer: ideal if your tanning is fabulous.


Returns on the catwalk the love for the pighorn fabric, the plissé, which is predominantly over under knees, but also on top.

High waist

The trousers mark the waistline, very high, thanks to the use of contrasting color belts.

Crop top

The top becomes micro and discovers the shadow. It is worn with skirts and trousers, it is leather or cotton.

Flowers all over

Romantic floral embroideries or prints of maxi flower for romantic look.


Transparencies in the foreground with tulle dresses and suits. For contemporary dancers.

Multi rouches

Evening dresses, but also daytime ones, are rich and steamy thanks to rouches and overlays.


Shirt, trousers and jeans jackets come in delta version and with tears.


Free path to natural and raw fabrics: canvas, linen, cotton cloth. Even the colors are not artificial but soft. What awaits us for the fall-winter 2017? We will talk about it soon, but in the meantime I leave you an anticipation. Trendy knitted dresses. On FashionMia you can find knitted dresses online.

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