Wear see through white dress


Wear see through white dress

Always fashion designers like transparencies. Especially for the summer resurface on see through white dress catwalk lightweight materials that hide little or nothing. No one is shocked when the spotlight we can see the silhouette of an ass or a breast. But in everyday life you have to know the limits, to avoid the ridiculous and bad taste.

Avoid drop style is possible. This requires, at the time of purchase, see occasions where it will be put on the see through white dress. In office? Maybe it's not the case. For a night at the club? It could go. Above the bikini or a walk on the waterfront? Good idea.

Another aspect to consider is the fabric in which it is realized the see through white dress: different materials have different transparencies.

To dampen the effect of a mini see through white dress might be a good idea to wear it over a pair of skinny jeans.

Fashion tip. Never wear a see through white dress with no underwear underneath: it is a mistake where the Hollywood stars fall very often. It is tacky to wear a transparent dress without underwear or without a bikini underneath.

Golden dress

The same is true for golden dress. A golden dress is usually an elegant suit, is unlikely to be suitable for casual or days at sea. Better to choose it for special occasions, for a party (even the sea) or nightclub does not go unnoticed.

Fashion tip. If the dress is dazzling, it would be better not to overdo the jewelry: better to focus on lobular earrings and clutch bags in fabric plain.

Here is a small selection of see-through white dresses and golden dresses from Rosegal, a famous online shop of fashionable clothing low cost.



Sexy turtle neck sleeveless solid


Simple scoop collar sleeveless solid color see through women dress


Maxi dress graceful sequin strapless lace


Slimming gilding backless dress


Eleonora Musumeci

5 thoughts on “Wear see through white dress”

  1. Avatar

    Elena g - 19 Aprile 2017 21:14

    Adoro fare shopping online! L’ultimo vestitino è il mio preferito!

  2. Avatar

    Marina Napolitano - 19 Aprile 2017 22:01

    Abito i vestitini bianchi e questi che hai selezionato sono strepitosi

  3. Avatar

    Nicoletta - 20 Aprile 2017 13:24

    Gli abiti bianchi candidi in pizzo o anche in sangallo sono i miei preferiti!!!
    In estate con l’abbronzatura ed un paio di sandali colorati sono il massimo!

  4. Avatar

    La chica de la maleta - 20 Aprile 2017 15:05

    Love your choices, two post ago I post a plumeti blouse that I supose you will like. Showing but not swing. XOXO

  5. Avatar

    Mary Illiano - 20 Aprile 2017 15:51

    Bellissimi questi abiti!!!


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