Which shoes to choose S-E 2020


Which shoes to choose after the lockdown.

Finally we start to leave the house again, albeit with due precautions and attentions. We expect a period, perhaps rather long, of abnormal everyday life, but the desire for normality is a lot. Have you already thought, for example, which shoes to choose to throw yourself into the (spaced) fray after the lockdown? I know you lived in slippers for two months, but it's time to fasten new straps, maybe those of a pair of vintage shoes.

Which shoes to choose... Sneakers? Oh, yes!

Are you also a little out of practice and do high heels seem like torture? No fear! We can gradually return to high heels by going through a gradual process. Let's start with the comfortable shoes par excellence, the sneakers. As can be expected for this Spring-Summer 2020, in which comfort will be the master, sneakers are a must have for walks in the park and in the city, but also for a more casual style in the office. Be inspired by this model that I found on Shoessee.

Flat sandals and square heels

Being out of practice now doesn't mean we'll never go back to heels again, of course not! As I said before, let's go step by step. Let's start with flat shoes, low pumps to be elegant in the office, but also cool flat sandals or with a medium wedge. We will gradually get to high heels. If you are in a hurry to go back to wearing them, you can opt for comfortable heels. Whether you choose minimalist sandals or jewel sandals, choose them with a square heel, comfortable and decidedly trendy in the spring-summer 2020 shoes fashion. Personally I love shoes with a square heel because stable, comfortable, it allows me to move easily without giving up those centimeters that heels generously give me. For those who are short like me, it is hard to agree to settle for flat shoes. Fortunately, the square heel is a great option.

The ideal model for leisure? Obviously, once again, the espadrilles!


Eleonora Musumeci

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