Crochet swimsuit and others swimsuit trends 2017


Crochet swimsuit and others swimsuit trends 2017

Summer is approaching and it's time to think about the cruel costume test, but also looking for rewarding a new swimsuit that we like and being fashionable, a crochet swimsuit for example.

What to choose? Bikini, tankini, costume ... The alternatives are so many, but I always prefer the classic, timeless bikini. Push-up, sail, triangle; Low waist, high waist, micro-slip, maxy-culotte: the most fashion models of the swimsuit trends 2017 are so many, colorful and often vintage.

Swimsuit trends 2017 actually look back to the past, with both vintage inspirations and design. Bikinis, for example, are more and more covering, with high waist slips and very loose bras. Contrasting games and seams are a plus for bathing suits rich in details.

Whole costumes are even more eclectic, with hinges and metallic details that make them super-fitted. Among the most fashionable fantasies come the cashmere motifs and the unmistakable floral prints, but also the blended colors go for the greater, with colors such as electric blue, coral, bikini orange and black strappy bikini.

Swimsuit trends 2017

For those who love bikini, there is always the dilemma of choosing a band pattern or a push up, which enhances the breasts. When we are looking for a bikini with cups it is usually for two reasons: either we want to support, or we want to enlarge. Needless to turn around, push-up is our best friend, especially when we want to make our forms more harmonious. There is no need to exaggerate, sometimes just a model with the hook to re-raise the fate of our decolleté.

Choose Lycra models if you want them to dry out quickly, but the swimsuit trends 2017 also feature prominent beautiful crochet swimsuit or lace lace that dries more slowly but that are extremely fashionable.

One of the most beloved models especially from the very young, the band bikini is practical to use, leaves no marks and allows us to sunbathe without having to move laces. The bikini band still rides the wave of swimsuit trends 2017. The brands feature many models from the basic with a smooth band with unpainted padding with matching slip, to more particular models with slightly padded bra or rouches (creating volume).

As anticipated, the true king of the beautiful season, the must have of summer 2017 will be the entire swimsuit. Do not be intimidated by this single-piece model, because among the new proposals of the moment there are definitely more glamorous and feminine creations. Among the new 2017 full costumes those who will go for the biggest are undoubtedly the most intriguing and even irreverent ones. We refer to the many swimwear with deep, dizzying necklaces that resemble the models that have been shown to a great extent between the 70s and 80s. Some, in fact, are even equipped with flaps of the same fabric, which gently decorates the area below the waist .

If you think that to follow the swimsuit trends 2017 you have to spend a lot of money you are wrong. The costumes I've offered you in this post are available on Zaful's online shop, all at incredibly low-cost prices. Zaful is our old acquaintance: fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories are the protagonists of this great showcase. On Zaful the costumes available to the choice are so many, so many.

My favorite section is the one dedicated to dresses of all genres and styles, but not to divide by the swimsuit trends 2017 I want to show you the cover-ups for swimsuit: white, lace and transparent are the most beautiful. The white cover-ups are highly valued when they cover a mini and colorful costume like this simple and very pretty Low Waisted Padded Scoop bikini. A textured bathing suit features scoop collar bikini top and low waisted swim bottoms padded.

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