Long hair in a short time: Can you?


Long hair or short hair?

The new hair trends 2017 provide short and long hair cuts, while unquestioned protagonist is certainly the fringe to be combined with short and scaled carré. If you love long hair, it resists in pole position, including hairstyles, braid.

The Carrè has its measure: absolutely must stop at the ear lobe and, as a rule, should be combined with a destructured fringe true trend of 2017, with imperfect shape and different lengths. Lob and Wob is the most popular medium among the cuts hair trends 2017: The Lob stops just above the shoulders, the Wob under the chin. The cuts are perfect for those with curly hair, catchphrase of next summer.

Let us now examine the hair trends in 2017 concerning the long hair, without question my favorite. Long and flowing are sexy, you know, but the graduated effect, albeit still very tough, gives the podium to structured cut, sharp and with fringe.

Long hair in a short time

Long hair is my passion. Yours too? Wait for them to grow, however, it is hard and sometimes, despite all the efforts to make them grow long and healthy. Certainly it is not easy, often, even practical, to care for long hair: their hair often wear themselves out, they lose strength and shine, the threads are woven together, and ... what a pain!

The secret to long healthy hair, strong and beautiful is to care for it properly. proper hair care products, brushes are needed suitable not to tear his hair and hairstyles that preserve them from too much stress.

Or simply choose a wig if you choose well, long seem just your hair. In this connection I want to point to your attention an online shop dedicated to wigs and extensions: Hairplusbase.com.


Long hair wigs that you will find on Hairplusebase.com are meticulous in detail and have a very natural effect, so they seem original. We are even in time of balances and if you look Lace Front Wig on Sale  I'm certain that you will find the deal that suits you.

The other alternative is to get extensions fashion long hair in a short time and without efforts. You can buy individual strands of hair, which you do apply to the hairdresser looking at this category Tape on Hair Extensions

They are more comfortable and affordable the extensions with clips that you will find in the category Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions.

You can choose wigs and extensions smooth or curly, you will always be fashionable. The platinum blonde is the star of the hair trend 2017, but it is not the only one! Then choose your wig or extensions freely between: platinum blonde, frozen, brown (an evergreen), chocolaute mauve, red. For crazy heads, the most daring, there are shades of rose gold and rose quartz .



Eleonora Musumeci

5 thoughts on “Long hair in a short time: Can you?”

  1. Avatar

    Marina Napolitano - 13 Gennaio 2017 17:30

    È bellissimo poter cambiare Look con uno schiocco di dita! Anche io ho ordinato su questo sito, non vedo l’ora che mi arrivino le extensions

  2. Avatar

    Nunzia 1982 - 14 Gennaio 2017 0:52

    Bello poter cambiare look in pochi secondi con le extensions, vedo che ce ne sono davvero per tutti i gusti!

  3. Avatar

    maria boiano - 14 Gennaio 2017 10:38

    adoro poter cambiare look in qualsiasi momento e spesso, questa è un ottima soluzione

  4. Avatar

    Toty Chiara - 14 Gennaio 2017 12:17

    Adoro queste soluzioni temporanee che tamponano la voglia di cambiare look senza creare eventualmente traumi… l’ultima volta quando ho tagliato i capelli ho pianto per due giorni. Comprando una parrucca corta, invece, puoi vedere come ti sta un taglio diverso senza avere rimorsi o ripensamenti

  5. Avatar

    Mirella Ziliani - 14 Gennaio 2017 14:29

    Sogno da sempre capelli con ricci ben definiti ma la permanente è vietatissima sui miei capelli fini e fragili, credo che queste extension risolverebbero il mio problema dando un risultato naturale


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